We will have more fun while creating great vehicles to help people and save lives. We need smart, creative, energetic employees. If you help us create a successful product to help people and save lives, you will receive big rewards of all kinds and feel great. We believe all personnel should get to help with the production in the factory 3 hours a week. With this people gain perspective, become fit, loose weight, understand production needs, and energize their soul.


  • If you are a retired foreign engineer/designer and want to help at home or email us.

FULL TIME Positions to help to produce SPIRA4u, the amazing foam Tuk Tuk

  • Lawyer- Worldwide patent experience. Also will handle all legal affairs
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineers- 3-D design experience for production. Supplier coordination and cost control is a plus. Applicants must have high college entrance score and a good grade average. Need hands on mechanical ability. Must know about motorcycle or auto repair.
  • Chief design Administrator- For product, cost, & design control of computerized drawings and work schedules.
  • Foam/Plastic Production Engineer- To set up and control mass production of foam chassis and plastic tops.
  • Marketing and Executive Assistant – Plan and carry out promotions. Organize newsletter and customer reservations. Manage the internet site and email communication. Meeting coordination, human resources, personnel, and executive assistance as necessary. Marketing, Human resources, Business, Technical, or MBA degree with minimum 2 years work experience, excellent English and accomplishments preferred.

Average English and above average grades/intelligence are necessary.

Please email us a résumé with a list and sample of your accomplishments to

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