Reservation Policy for a Spira

To reserve a Spira please send a $100 US refundable deposit or make a $100+ donation to any environmental charity of your choice to receive a reservation #. We want to save resources and fuel as only 2 Billion people were on Earth in 1900. Now we are pushing 7 Billion.

Besides helping the environment your reservations will help us have more leverage and credibility with suppliers and future dealers. It will also help us to know where the strongest demand is to organize global deliveries and production. We will also email a survey in the future to see what options customers will prefer.


The first 200 Spiras have a buy back guarantee of dealer wholesale price minus $10 per day and $.10 per mile after 50 to 350 days if you are not satisfied. Repairs, wear, tear, dealer prep, service, transport, and licensing are not included.

Production began in 2014 and 20 Spiras were in the USA before October 2015 for testing and marketing. We appreciate your following and we need your support to save lives and fuel.

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